School Fees

Registration fees:

On the success of the interview in order for the child to attend BIZZY KIDS, a once off Registration Fee of R850.00 is payable. (Once paid, this fee is non refundable).

Half day fees:

The half day fee is : R2 200.00 per month

Full day fees:

The full day fee is : R2 550.00 per month

Sibling package fee:

there is a discount given on the fees of a second child. For families with three or more children at school, the rates will be discussed with you

Payment of fees

Payment of fees can be made in one of three ways :

  1. direct deposit to the school account
  2. directly into the fees box
  3. directly to the office

  4. All details are fully outlined in the SCHOOL PROSPECTUS



The doors will open at 06h30 and will close no later than 17h30 sharp, Monday to Friday. Children may arrive to school from 06h30 and must be fetched by no later than 17h30 Monday to Friday.

Half day:

Children may arrive to school anytime from 06h30 to 07h50 (with provision made to arrive on time for breakfast). Our school day comes to an end for the half day children as follows

  • 12h00  :  NURSERY
  • 12h20  :  ALL TODDLERS

Full day: 

Children may arrive to school anytime form 06h30 to 07h30 (with provision made to arrive on time for breakfast). Our full day children are fetched anytime between 15h30 and 17h30 (the latest).



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