A very warm welcome to Bizzy Kids Early Development and Learning Academy.

Recognizing that the early development stages of a child is one of the most critical phases in their lives, we would like to provide an essential gateway for your child to transition easily from these early stages into primary school and beyond.

All the aspects of a child’s development are important and should be addressed - therefore Bizzy Kids offers your child the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe, spacious and secure environment. We understand the challenges that modern parents face and therefore offer a comprehensive service.

Curriculum & Routine

Our Curriculum consists of a new theme each week, and the activities will vary depending on weekly themes. Our focus will be on development through age appropriate activities that are fun and educational. 

Whilst we are sensitive to each child’s individual needs, different pace and learning approach – each child will be encouraged to participate in various areas and skills which will ultimately lay the foundation for a well rounded, socially adapted, emotionally and intellectually confident child.

We offer the children a balanced, planned and comprehensive daily routine to give them the best environment to grow and develop. read more


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Fees & Hours

Find out more about our fee structure, payment procedure and details on our hours. read more

General information

In this section, we would like to give you more general information about our school under various sub headings. read more

Contact us

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About us

Bizzy Kids has run as a purpose build school since 1990.  We are a registered and  established facility offering children an opportunity to discover the world around them through freedom of thought, speech, fun, play, education and challenging stimulation within a structured environment led by a wonderful team of qualified and experienced teachers. 

We have:

    Nursery & Toddlers
  • Babies from 3 - 16 months
  • Young Toddlers from 17 - 24+ months
  • Older Toddlers from 2 - 3 years

  • Preparing for Primary School
  • Age 3-4 Grade 000 (Introductory Phase)
  • Age 4-5 Grade 00 (Pre Grade R)
  • Age 5-6 Grade R (Consolidation Year, Getting ready for Grade 1)

We are open from 06h30 to 17h30 daily (your child may arrive as early as 06h30 in the morning and must be fetched by the latest at 17h30). We have a half day and full day option, and we are  open all year round only closing part of December and part of January.

We have a speech therapist and occupational therapist on site. 

We have a chef on site who prepares nutritious and delicious meals for the children daily.

We have a movement program which is included in our curriculum, but also have many extra mural activities for the children to choose from (all of which are done within school time). 

Applications and Enrolments

Information is offered on this web site, however due to our strict safety protocol we ask that you please follow the steps below.


  1. Kindly complete an APPLICATION FORM which can be found either on the CONTACT US PAGE or the GENERAL INFORMATION PAGE or can be collected directly from the school.
  2. Return the completed APPLICATION via email or by hand.
  3. We will be in contact to set up an interview appointment with you if we have space availability within the appropriate class – which will also afford the opportunity to have a tour of our school, to discuss the options and to get all information on what we have on offer.
  4. When accepted into our school, you will then be requested to follow the final REGISTRATION PROCESS.

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2019 enrolments are currently being accepted. Please send your APPLICATION FORM asap – don’t miss space for your little one to grow, thrive and develop in our wonderful environment.

We accept 2020 applications from August 2019 onwards.




Why choose us

  • We have a home from home environment in a spacious & secure school
  • We are registered and established
  • We have qualified, experienced and passionate staff
  • All staff have first aid qualifications
  • Children can spend thier entire pre school years at Bizzy Kids
  • We cater for children from age 3 months to 6 years
  • We work on the "whole child" approach to our teaching
  • Children enjoy stimulating fun activities weekly
  • We have a structured educational curriculum
  • Onsite Occupational Thereapy and Speech Therapy
  • Our nursery 3 teachers in the class
  • All of our toddler clases have 2 teachers per class
  • We are open all year round, only closing on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS and part of Dec/Jan
  • We offer a full day and a half day service
  • We are open from 06h30 and children should be fetched by no later than 17h30 Monday to Friday
  • We have serperate age appropriate playgrounds
  • Lots of extra mural activities available on premise during school time
  • Nutritional meals provided daily by our dedicated cook (breakfast, lunch and pm snack)
  • Tag scan access to all parents
  • CCTV installed in the school
  • Computers with educational programs for the children to use in the grade classes
    (GR 000 / GR 00 / GR R)
  • We have a lovely mini sports area (aside from the 4 playgrounds)